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Which Trident is right for you?

Waterco’s suite of robotic pool cleaners includes the all-terrain Trident range, which has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation and product reliability. Made by Maytronics, the proven leader in robotic pool cleaners, it features five standout models: Trident PRO, Trident PRO+, Trident PLUS, Trident HYDRO and Trident ECO.

The Trident PRO and PLUS cleaners have a dual cartridge filtration system that includes coarse & fine grade filter cartridge, while the Trident ECO has a net canister, ensuring maximum capacity. Then there’s the cordless Trident PRO+, which is designed for irregularly shaped with customized features; and the Trident HYDRO that automatically navigates around obstacles before quickly returning to its cleaning pattern. They also include patented top-opening filtration compartments for easy emptying and cleaning, and ultra-fine porosity as a standard feature, enabling them to collect fine dust particles from your pool.

State-of-the-art, advanced software control means each Trident robotic pool cleaner provides phenomenal pool coverage courtesy of special sensors that detect when they’re on the pool wall or in a beach area of the pool. Include dedicated diagnostic tools, an obstacle escape feature, and brush application to suit every pool finish, and you have one powerful pool cleaning range.

Key features of Trident robotic pool cleaners:

  • Unique triple-active brushing: that scrubs away dirt and debris, reduces the need for chemicals, and leaves pool water clean and safe (Excluding ECO).
  • Improved one-way quick water release valve: Prevents release of dirt back into the pool.
  • Beach entry: Special sensors detect when they’re in the beach area of a pool.
  • Obstacle escape: Designed to reverse out when they encounter a large obstacle.
  • Wall sensor: Special sensors detect when they’re on the pool wall.
  • Motor protection mechanism: The cleaners shut off when overloaded or they are out of the water.
  • Unique patented swivel: Prevents cable twisting and tangling during operation (PRO, PRO+ & PLUS only).
  • Brush application to suit every pool finish: There’s a PVC and combined brushes for rough ceramics, pebble, painted or renders with glass finish (such as Quartzon and Beadcrete); and a wonder brush for tiled, vinyl-lined and fibreglass finishes.

With a Trident working for you, you can relax and enjoy your pool year-round, with full confidence that it is sparkling clean and hygienic for family and friends.

Trident PRO Robotic Pool Cleaner
Trident PRO Robotic Pool Cleaner Logo

Maximise your pool enjoyment with remote controlled setup and cleaning programs that delivers maximum cleanliness and hygiene, for pools up to 15m in length.

Remote Control
Trident PLUS Robotic Pool Cleaner
Trident Robotic Pool Cleaner Logo

Step up to a new experience with this wall-climbing robotic pool cleaner, recommended for pools up to 12m in length.

Trident PLUS Robotic Pool Cleaner
Trident Pro+ Robotic Pool Cleaner Logo

The TridentPRO+ is a unique battery-powered robotic pool cleaner recommended for pools up to 15m in length that are irregularly shaped and/or have in-pool obstacles, such as islands, pillars and bridges.

Trident Hydro
Trident Hydro Robotic Pool Cleaner Logo

Trident HYDRO Robotic Pool Cleaner features a range of intelligent features that are not only designed to do all the work but also do it quickly and efficiently.

Trident ECO Robotic Pool Cleaner
Trident Eco Robotic Pool Cleaner Logo

Trident ECO robotic pool cleaner is considered one of the most economically efficient cleaners on the market.

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Water Saving

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Energy Saving

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