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Specially designed to save water, lower energy bills and reduce chemical costs, the Trident ECO Robotic Pool Cleaner is considered one of the most economically efficient cleaners on the market. Compact in design and lightweight in size, its superior cleaning efficiency means you no longer have to manually clean your pool.


Trident ECO Robotic Pool Cleaner

Software controlled and guided so it can achieve maximum pool coverage, the Trident ECO learns the layout of your pool each time it is run through its cleaning cycle. Using sophisticated algorithms, it can maneuver around tricky areas so that you don’t have to remove and redirect it during its cleaning cycle.

Key features of the Trident PRO Robotic Pool Cleaner:

  • Designed for pools up to 8m in length, with 12m power cable length
  • 1.5 hour cycle time
  • Lightweight makes it easy to handle and remove from the pool
  • Active brushing action that scrubs away algae and bacteria
  • Efficient dirt and debris collection on every surface of the pool
  • Top access filtration system that is easy to remove and clean
  • Quick water release that also prevents dirt escaping back into the pool
  • Software controlled and guided so it can achieve maximum pool coverage
  • Sophisticated algorithms help it manoeuvre around tricky areas
  • Product weight 6.3kg
  • 2-year warranty (limited*)

* 2-year warranty covers the motor unit, cable, and power supply of your Trident ECO robotic pool cleaner and all other parts for a period of 12-months from the date of purchase

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